The Journey of Establishing A Service Co-operative: Lessons From Brand Ambassadors And Marketing Co-operative Society In Nairobi

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This blog originally appeared on Global Co-operative Development Learning Platform The idea of developing and strengthening service oriented co-operatives in Kenya was a key initiative under the USAID/EMIRGE program. Three service sectors were identified for pilot purposes to include branding and marketing, building and construction, and beauty and wellness service groups. After 12 months of formation, capacity building activities, and processes, only the group of free-lance sales agents had successfully established the Brand Ambassadors and Marketing (BAM) Co-operative Society. Implicitly, starting a new co-operative takes energy and resources! Based on the advisory experience in co-operative development work, guidance, training and coaching of the service group in co-operative membership, legal, tax, finance and business process/service issues were paramount. Click  here to read more.