30 AGYW benefit from a Private Public Partnership between Global Communities’ USAID/ DREAMS & Sadolin Paints EA Ltd

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AGYW going through a practical lesson on painting during the training
AGYW going through a practical lesson on painting during the training

August 2016, in partnership with Sadolin Paints East Africa Ltd, USAID/ DREAMS program enrolled Adolescent Girls & Young Women (AGYW) of ages 18-24 from Pumwani informal settlement who were engaged to have their skills enhanced in basic painting. The selected AGYW have shown interest in undertaking this skills-based path as a way to safe guard their future. This activity is an initial process towards partnering on the Talking Walls concept, a participatory approach that encourages young people to put ideas in drawings that would elicit discussions on prevention of HIV, GBV and other socially risky behaviors. This activity brought together 30 AGYW who were trained on basic painting skills at St John’s Community Centre Pumwani in Majengo.

Train AGYW on basic painting skills prepares them to acquire skills that would enhance their opportunity for employment. The skills enhancement was supported by Sadolin Paints EA Ltd in collaboration with Global Communities. This activity is anticipated to encourage AGYW that they too can participate in painting as an income generating activity and give them a chance to take pride in mural drawings that would enable messaging on prevention of HIV and GBV and encourage discussions on positive behaviour change in their community.

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