Gender Equity and Good Governance in Cooperatives

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Gender equality is one of Global Communities’ core values: we commit to working through relationships
based on trust, respect, and equity. This is coupled with the belief that equality, shared responsibility
and complementary strengths are at the core of our partnerships. Therefore, Global Communities considers gender equality both a key driver and a concern for sustainability. In addition, gender is a key impact theme in the (Cooperatives Leadership, Engagement, Advocacy, and Research) CLEAR program, with gender equality embedded into its implementation strategy. Training is a significant gender equality strategy. While co-operatives are known to organize capacity-building sessions on a range of topics for their members, these are rarely ever relevant to women’s
empowerment and gender equality. Gender equality training should particularly target cooperative
leadership and management, but it should also be mandatory for all members. To be effective, the training
needs to be adapted to a variety of cooperative types, sectors, and contexts, and be easily accessible.


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